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Feature in Data Flow

Coming in September 2008, the book Data Flow by Die Gestalten Verlag contains an extended feature of our work. The Similar Diversity graphic is printed on a spread, along with the caption and an descriptive text.

Details on the book can be found on the webpage of Die Gestalten Verlag. I’m a big fan of the cover design already and I’m looking forward to the other projects featured in the book. The previews look amazing.

Inside the book

Information Design Workbook

Similar Diversity is featured with an article and interview in the just published Information Design Workbook by Kim Baer. Thanks to Quayside Publishing Group and Rockport Publishers for selecting our work to be part of this publication alongside other great data visualization projects.

We completely agree to Tufte.

PS: Unfortunately the photo credits we provided were not included. They were made by Andreas, Tobi and Birgit.

NODE08 – Exhibition from above

DSC_6043 – Arbeitskopie 2.jpg, originally uploaded by sebl7935.

This is a great view of the exhibition from above.

NODE08 – The exhibition

As mentioned, our original print was part of the exibition at NODE08 Forum for Digital Arts in Frankfurt from April 5 – 11 2008, together with artworks from Eno Henze, Martin Zeplichal, The Very Many, Benedikt Groß and installations like Wii Wii Wii Wii and Tagtool and others. The Diakoniekirche in Frankfurt was a perfect setting for our data visualization:

Node 08 - Exhibition (1)

The print was shown in the center of the church.

Node 08 - Exhibition (2)

Andreas (right) explains the diagrams to Woeishi Lean, a vvvv artist (left).

Node 08 - Exhibition (3)

Philipp (left) and Sebastian Oschatz from MESO (right) discussing the visualization.

We would like to thank the organisers of this great festival for their support and the invitation.

NODE08 – Arrival in Frankfurt

Yesterday we arrived in Frankfurt, with the 2,80 x 6,20 meter original print of Similar Diversity. The construction of the wooden frame was done by David Kraus and Satis&Fy, who provide great support for the whole festival.

Arrival 02

Transporting the print, arriving at the Diakoniekirche

Arrival 01

Arriving in Frankfurt (left: Wolfgang, right: Philipp)


Construction of the frame and mounting of the print in the Diakoniekirche in Frankfurt. Exhibition is opened each day from 5 p.m.

NODE08, Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt

We’re happy to announce that Similar Diversity will be exhibited at the NODE08 in Frankfurt. The festival is dedicated to Digital Art, and implies the exhibition, a lecture day with talks of Herbert W. Franke, Casey Reas, Paul Prudence, Régine Debatty plus many more, and an impressive amount of workshops (with focus on vvvv).
The exhibition is open from Sunday April 6th until Saturday April 12th, and is located at the Diakoniekirche in Frankfurt. So, Similar Diversity in a church. Check out the node website for details.


New Website

We reworked our website a little and switched to WordPress. That means an easier update process for us, and the possibility to subscribe to our RSS Feed for you. So you won’t miss the news anymore, and yes, there will be good ones.
Stay tuned for more exhibitions and, at last, posters!

Eye Magazine #65

Issue 65 of Eye Magazine, published in November 2007, focused on works realised with Processing. The article entitled “Grow your own” can be read in the archive of eye magazine.

c.stem, Turin

A copy of Similar Diversity was exhibited at the s.stem 2007 in Turin. Thank you for inviting us Nada.

(photos by Andrea Pinchi)

Eye Magazine

Yes, we’re little proud today! The current issue of the Eye Magazine, number 65, features our Similar Diversity project. More and better pictures soon.