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Simplexity exhibition in Chicago

Mittwoch, Januar 13th, 2016

We are proud to be part of the exhibition “Simplexity: Data Visualization in the Age of Information” exhibition curated by Kelli Evans at the Ralph Arnold Gallery in Chicago, which runs from November 12th 2015 to January 23rd 2016. We are in great company among Michael Newhouse, Peter Crnokrak, Catalogtree, Sam Potts, Ward Shelley, Sofya Karash, Christoph Frei, Morningstar, Christian Nold, Andy Woodruff and Ben Sheesley, Nicholas Feltron, Christina Van Vleck, Marc Tiedemann, Karen Henschel and Pierre la Baume.

Here are some pictures from the opening:



Photo source and copyright: Loyola Fine & Performing Arts on flickr

Visual Complexity – Mapping Patterns of Information

Dienstag, August 30th, 2011

The new book by Manuel Lima of Visual Complexity has just been released! Featuring an extensive collection of visualizations and infographics, sorted by topics. The chapter about literature contains our work on a double spread. More information on the book can be found on

Generative Gestaltung

Freitag, März 5th, 2010

It’s been a while, but I just opened the book “Generative Gestaltung” by Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Groß, Julia Laub and Claudius Lazzeroni again. Shame on me that I didn’t post this earlier. It is absolutely amazing and a must for everyone working in the area of graphic design. It contains well-selected examples of generated graphics and very useful examples. Plus, the design of the book itself is outstanding. But the best thing is, it features Similar Diversity on 2 pages!

Data Flow

Donnerstag, September 18th, 2008

As announced in the previous post, the book Data Flow has been published now! They printed our work in the section “Datanets” on a whole spread, which is great because you can see all the tiny details. It’s a great book with fabulous works, for example Stefan Sagmeister’s and Ben Cohen’s Move Our Money, an inflateable data visualisation of military budgets, or the great World Mapper – and so many I haven’t seen yet. On the page following ours is the work of Felix Heinen, which we like a lot. It’s a book well worth studying. Here are some impressions:

Again, here’s the link if you want to order it.
Photos by Gregor Hofbauer.

Feature in Data Flow

Dienstag, August 5th, 2008

Coming in September 2008, the book Data Flow by Die Gestalten Verlag contains an extended feature of our work. The Similar Diversity graphic is printed on a spread, along with the caption and an descriptive text.

Details on the book can be found on the webpage of Die Gestalten Verlag. I’m a big fan of the cover design already and I’m looking forward to the other projects featured in the book. The previews look amazing.

Inside the book

Information Design Workbook

Mittwoch, Mai 21st, 2008

Similar Diversity is featured with an article and interview in the just published Information Design Workbook by Kim Baer. Thanks to Quayside Publishing Group and Rockport Publishers for selecting our work to be part of this publication alongside other great data visualization projects.

We completely agree to Tufte.

PS: Unfortunately the photo credits we provided were not included. They were made by Andreas, Tobi and Birgit.

NODE08 – Exhibition from above

Dienstag, April 15th, 2008

DSC_6043 – Arbeitskopie 2.jpg, originally uploaded by sebl7935.

This is a great view of the exhibition from above.

Eye Magazine #65

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

Issue 65 of Eye Magazine, published in November 2007, focused on works realised with Processing. The article entitled “Grow your own” can be read in the archive of eye magazine.